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“Staff were excellent – a definite must for any school group visiting Canberra.”
Adele Koulouris, Undercliffe Public School.
“The quality of the guides is excellent…and that’s why we keep coming back.  Thanks!!”
Morgan Street Primary, NSW
“One of the easiest excursions I have ever taken a group of children to.”
Lyn Parker, Jerrabomberra Public School

“The most memorable part of their trip.  Thank you!”
Peter Hope, Gympie South State School

Visiting the National Dinosaur Museum
is like walking through the prehistoric past.


The National Dinosaur Museum is the largest permanent display of dinosaur material in Australia. In 1996 and 1997 the Museum was awarded the ACT Tourism Award for Excellence. The Museum was awarded the Australian Tourism Award for Significant Regional Attractions in 1997.  We were also finalist in the 2006 Australian Travel and Tourism Awards in the family-based tourism category. We were also an Awards Finalist for the 2008 Travel and Tourism awards. We were voted one of the top 6 most Innovative Tourism Destinations in Australia!

Our Experience is your Guarantee.

Our friendly museum staff will guide you through the exhibits, and are trained to answer your questions. The Staff have backgrounds in science and education and a “passion” for dinosaurs and prehistoric life.
It may seem like dinosaurs are all extinct and there’s nothing left to learn, but every day brings new discoveries.  We aim to provide up-to-date information on this evolving area of science and its impact on our understanding of today’s world.  As a result no two tours of the National Dinosaur Museum are ever the same – you never know what surprises may be in store or discoveries unveiled.

Your Visit

Students will be met at the entrance of the museum and divided into groups for their guided tour.  We ask that at least one teacher or adult accompany each group to assist staff with supervision and direction of students. If you wish to use worksheets during day tours please download them from our website and distribute them to your students prior to your visit. Once your groups have been organised you can prepare to step back in time and enjoy the prehistoric world.


The National Dinosaur Museum is not just about Dinosaurs. The exhibition covers the history of life on this planet with fossils from 700 million-year-old marine fauna through to fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Exhibition Highlights

•  Easy to read, educational information panels.

•  Beautiful murals depicting reconstructions of environments from the prehistoric past to enhance understanding of extinct biodiversity.

•  Dinosaurs and other fossils not on display anywhere else in the world.

The diversity of the exhibition has never been stronger, with new murals and many new fossils for a more cohesive story of the past.  The exhibition compares the life of all plants and animals in a chronological, easy to follow manner, suitable for everyone - not just scientists.


“eDinosauria” Prehistory Information Resource Kit (PIRK) given to schools after their visit. This resource can be used in the classroom after your visit or in advance of your next visit.

Free parking and easy Coach access to car park. Floodlit at night.

Disabled access to all areas including clean toilets.

Close to other attractions and shopping in Gold Creek Village.

Gift shop with souvenirs, and gifts for all ages.  Prices set with children’s budgets in mind allowing worthwhile purchases at pocket money prices – specialising in real fossils.

Interactive Area and Hands-on Fossils.

Eating area with seating for 30 persons for self-catered meals. Please express your interest in using these facilities when making a booking.

Optional extension activities including the Australian Fossil Workshop or Fossil Casting Workshop for younger visitors. These extras incur additional charges, are subject to availability and need to be requested when making a booking. Please see ‘Group Rates’ for full pricing.


The museum is located 15km north of Canberra City centre, at the corner of Gold Creek Road and the Barton Highway, opposite Cockington Green and part of the Gold Creek Village complex. The closest accommodation, within walking distance, is the Gold Creek Tourist Resort.

Opening Hours

Guided tours available for pre-booked groups starting from 8.00am to 8.00pm, however surcharges do apply on Weekends outside normal opening hours (10-5), this is currently $2.00pp in addition to normal rates.
We are not able to provided group programs on ACT Public Holidays.

For normal admission opening hours, see our home page.

Certificate of Currency

2015 NDM Certificate of Currency

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments for all major ACT Attractions (including our own), and other useful group information can be found at the National Capital Educational Tourim Project (NCETP). This includes information on the PACER program.


Contact us to make a booking, or download a copy of our booking form, save a copy for your records and then email the file to or fax to (02) 6230 2357.

We require advance bookings for all groups.

The earlier you book the more likely you will be able to book a time that suits you. Please note that if only short notice is given, you may not be able to book a tour with us, or you may be asked to combine with another group if applicable.
Please remember that your prompt arrival at the specified time will allow you to gain the most out of your visit and avoid congestion during peak periods; especially for Dinosaurs at Night tours.

All bookings are confirmed by us to the agent (if applicable) and to the School. This ensures that the timing and details of the tour are understood by all parties and helps avoid conflicts during your visit. We require that final numbers and contact details are confirmed to us one week prior to your visit.

Please Remember: Delays affect not only your tour, but also those of other groups using the facilities. Staff numbers are finely balanced to provide you the best service during the time of your visit, however those staff may also be responsible for the next group of visitors; Dinosaurs at Night bookings can be particularly tight due to their popularity.

Please note that surcharges apply to bookings made outside normal hours (10-5) on weekends. Please ask booking staff for more information.
No bookings are available on Public Holidays.

Small Groups: Please note that groups of less than 19 students (or a total value of $150.00) will be charged a minimum price of $150.00. In an effort to avoid this we try to combine small groups where possible (and with the consent of both parties). Should any group book with higher numbers, but arrive with less than the minimum on the day, the mimimum price will be charged.

Your Allocated Timeslot: Please note that you are allocated 1.5 Hours for a normal visit.  This includes 1 hour for your tour and 30 minutes in which to get on/off the bus, visit the amenities, look at the interactive area and the shop.  The order in which these things occur will depend on all the bookings for that timeslot, and what will give your group the best possible experience: Sometimes it is necessary for the tour to be the last component of your visit, with workshops, interactive area & shop first, so the exhibition gallery is less congested. Unfortunately due to the high demand for bookings it is not possible to allow visitors to roam back through the exhibits as this would disrupt other patrons - See Premium Tours for this opportunity.

Tour types

The National Dinosaur Museum provides two different types of tours – those at night, and those during the day. Both tour types provide excellent educational information regarding dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, but do so in different settings. Please read the following descriptions carefully before choosing which style of tour suits you best.

**Please note: any tour that begins before 5pm will be conducted as a Day Tour, and any tours beginning at 5pm or later will be Dinosaurs at Night tours. Torches are not required for Dinosaurs at Night tours . Surcharges will be applied (when applicable) as outlined at the bottom of this page.

Day Tours – give the opportunity to see all of the exhibits at the National Dinosaur Museum during a 60-minute tour with one of our experienced guides.  Tours are conducted in a fun but educational style with plenty of opportunities for students to interact with suggestions, theories and questions.  Worksheets have been designed to complement these tours and may be completed during the tour or at a later stage as a revision exercise (see bottom of page for worksheets in .pdf format).

Dinosaurs at Night Tours - these tours are specifically designed to increase the atmosphere and visual excitement of the visit.  The 60-minute tour is conducted through a dark museum, with exhibits highlighted through spotlights and the Guide’s torch.  Students get the opportunity to experience the same conditions as those faced by Australia’s Polar Dinosaurs; but as they are in the dark, not all exhibits can be viewed.  Although groups have brought torches in the past these are no longer required, and actually detract from the dramatic presentation. Due to the high demand for Night Tours and their specialised nature, they are less flexible in their presentation style than tours held during the day. They offer the same information and education value, but in a different setting. Unfortunately due to the high demand for bookings it is not possible to switch the lights on and allow visitors to roam back through the exhibits as this would disrupt other patrons - See Premium Tours for this opportunity. Thanks to our sponsor Energizer for supplying our guides with torches!

Premium Tours: We are currently offering Premium Tours – a longer tour for groups that also wish to explore the museum without other groups around. We have had many groups ask us about doing longer tours or to have an extra look around the museum. Because we get so busy with school groups, this is often not possible due to groups running into each other. So we have developed a new type of tour for the groups that specifically want these conditions. The Premium tours offer a 1.5 hour tour, as well as an extra half an hour for the group to have a look around the museum or ask extra questions; if this is a Dinosaurs@Night Tour, then this will give you an opportunity to have a look around with some of the lights on. This means 2 hours in the Museum Exhibits. During these 2 hours your will have exclusive access to the museum, that is, we will not book in any other groups (daytime visits will still coincide with public access). The extra half an hour for in the shop may overlap with another group.
Because of the very specialised and exclusive nature of these tours, they are subject to the following conditions:

Premium Tours will attract minimum and maximum numbers. (35 – 90)
Premium Tours are subject to availability and prioritised to the first group to book a time slot.
Certain time slots are not available for this type of tour.


Workshops and Extras

Fossil Casting Workshop: This gives the students the opportunity to make a fossil cast, and gain an insight to the nature of fossil formation and the casting process used by palaeontologists. The students will take away a fossil cast and natural mould (plaster of paris and clay) with the impressions of real fossils in it.

Australian Fossil Workshop: This gives the students a chance to work with real fossil sediment from the World Heritage Naracoorte Caves in South Australia. The students can assist the museum staff by sifting through a sample of the sediment to extract and identify fossils from the cave deposit. Staff will explain the origins of the material and assist with identification. The specimens will then be added to the museum collection - unfortunately the students will only get to take home the memories of the experience, and photographs (if they take them).

Fossil Hunter Special: We are now offering a ‘Fossil Hunters’ Special’ tour package. This includes a normal (1.5 hour) visit including one hour tour, and every child gets to leave with a fossil shark tooth! Similar fossil teeth sell in the museum for $5.00 each. Taking a tooth each will allow for a follow-up activity at schools, as our website provides information regarding identification of the various shark species the teeth have come from. We will also provide them each with a certificate on which to draw their tooth and write its species name. This will allow children to become involved in prehistoric species identification and will give them a special souvenir as well.

Please Remember:

Delays affect not only your tour, but also those of other groups using the facilities. Staff numbers are finely balanced to provide you the best service during the time of your visit, however those staff may also be responsible for the next group of visitors; Dinosaurs at Night bookings can be particularly tight due to their popularity.

Please note that for 2013 surcharges apply to bookings made on weekends. This is currently $2.00pp in addition to the rate appropriate for that tour type. The surcharge is applied per individual attending.


Please ask booking staff for more information.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

*Activities require extra time.

**Premium tours are subject to availability and require extra time; conditions apply for these bookings.   

 # Special Conditions apply – please ask when placing a booking.

Accompanying Adults 1:10 FOC (1 extra Adult for any remaining part thereof) for tour only.

Accompanying Adults for Preschool and Child Care Groups 1:4 FOC
Coach Staff are always FOC.
Confirmation of final numbers is required ONE WEEK in advance. 


These are available to suit various ages. Please note they are not suitable for use at the museum during Dinosaurs at Night tours.

A worksheet on Sedemendary Sequencing or Relative Dating is also available, but is designed as a classroom activity.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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