The National Dinosaur Museum produces its own CD-rom called the 'eDinosauria'. This is given away free to members upon joining along with an issue of the museums magazine 'The National Dinosaur Age'. The museum store also stocks a wide range of publications covering Dinosaurs, fossils, minerals, and geology for all ages.

Both are written, compiled, and edited by the staff at the museum.

The Dinosaur Age is the museum's magazine, and each issue is sent to all the museum members when it is finished.

The eDinosauria is a comprehensive encyclopedia of prehistoric information, distributed in CD-ROM form for ease of use.

We attempt to include the latest and most accurate information in all cases, however sometimes errors are made. If you see anything you think needs to be changed, feel free to contact us through the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

For more information about either of these publications, see The Age or eDinosauria links in the drop down menu from the Publications button on the top menu.


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