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Junior Paleo Tour


Adult 17+ years old
Child Ages 4-10


Our Junior Paleo Tours run outside normal museum hours and offer the opportunity for an intimate tour with a hands-on fossil casting experience!

The tour is designed for those who are too young for the more detailed night tours but still keen to have an exclusive out of hours experience tailored to their age group.

The fossil activity gives children hands-on experience making fossil replicas, cast from real fossils sourced from all over the world. Best of all, you create a physical memory of your visit to the museum to take home!

The half-hour tours are led by our experienced and highly knowledgeable tour guides through the dinosaur age in an educational, entertaining, and interactive program tailored to the younger age group.

You will learn about the features and evolution of dinosaurs, how they became extinct and the science used to learn about the prehistoric world.

All our tours follow strict Covid-19 safety protocols and operate under a limited and exclusive capacity.