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National Dinosaur Museum Garden

In early 2020 we developed our new dinosaur garden.

We have extended the garden to now cover an area of nearly 1500 sq m working with local Canberra landscapers Rocky and his team at Dan and Dan Landscaping.

Some of our old favourites like Stan, Canberra’s larger than life Big Dinosaur, our raptors and triceratops are still here. Then we have introduced a range of new friends including theropods, diprotodons and some interactive dinos for younger kids to play on.

a statue of a person in a car
a statue of a person

Look out for some great photo opportunities as you walk through the jaws of a giant dino head, sit in our Jeep, wander through raptor alley, or pose behind our carnotaurus heads.

Younger kids can play on the large sleeping ankylosaur, or the climb on a sleeping muttaburrasaurus and the lying down theropod. Please note climbing on these dinosaurs should be under parental supervision and is at your own risk. No other dinosaurs should be climbed on.

Please note that entry to the dinosaur garden is now part of our paid admission, you can purchase tickets online in advance through our website, or at reception