The National Dinosaur Museum is not just about Dinosaurs. The exhibitions cover the history of life on this planet with fossils from 700 million-year-old marine fauna through to fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Highlights include:

  • Interpretive displays from the prehistoric past to enhance understanding of extinct biodiversity.
  • Easy to read, educational information panels.
  • Beautiful murals depicting reconstructions of prehistoric environments
  • Skulls, skeletons, replica models and interactive animatronic dinosaurs
  • Fossils not on display anywhere else in the world.

The diversity of the exhibition has never been stronger, with new murals and many new fossils for a more cohesive story of the past.  The exhibition compares the life of all plants and animals in a chronological, easy to follow manner, suitable for everyone.

Dinosaur Garden

The National Dinosaur Museum features a landscaped Dinosaur Garden complete with life-like fibreglass models.

Encounter Stan  - Canberra's larger than life Big Dinosaur who is 20 metres long and towers above our entrance being a lofty 6 metres tall

A large undercover deck suitable for presentations, picnics and catered events is also available.

Indoor Displays

A few examples of the fantastic displays to be found inside the museum. Come in to see these and many more!

Plateosaurus engelhardti. -  Lived during the Late Triassic period (214 - 204 mya).

Chasmosaurus belli. Lived during the Late Cretaceous (77 - 75 mya)