Party Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions for National Dinosaur Museum parties must be read, agreed to and initialled by a parent/guardian of the birthday child. Signing the party booking form is an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Party Numbers and Guest Age: The minimum number of party guests is 10 children, as indicated in the minimum payment amount. The maximum number of children allowed is 15 (including the party child and siblings) for OH&S reasons.
The minimum age for party guests is 5 years old and guests younger than this should not be invited without management approval. Some activities are not suitable for younger children, such as Night Parties which may be considered frightening.

2. Deposit and Payment: We require at least 2 weeks’ notice for all party bookings. At the time of a party booking, a minimum
non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required along with these Terms & Conditions initialled and signed. This deposit secures your date and time and is considered an agreement to these terms and conditions. Payments can be made by
Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS or cash. Bookings cannot be made on days other than those indicated on the booking form or
on public holidays. A 10% party discount is given to those with Friends Of The National Dinosaurs Museum Membership.

3. RSVP Policy: Party numbers are to be confirmed 7 days before the party date. A $2.00 late cancellation fee will be charged
per child not attending after this time. If additional party guests arrive on the party day, we cannot guarantee that they
can be catered for in terms of food and materials for some activities. It is the responsibility of the person booking the
party to enforce the RSVP dates of the invited guests and to provide us with accurate numbers no less than 7 days before the party. We require at least 14 days’ notice to request a party date change.

4. Allergies & Disabilities: It is vital that any allergies, disabilities or special needs of children attending parties are advised to staff well in advance, preferably when booking. It is preferable that children at risk bring their own food. Any child with a serious allergy must be accompanied by one of their own parents/guardians for the party who will be admitted free of charge.

5. Admission: Parents of the Birthday Child and other immediate family members are welcome to join in with their child attending the party. Siblings of party guests may remain with parents/guardians in the museum, but cannot participate in the activities unless included on the party guest list. Any other additional children not on the party list will be charged general admission if viewing the exhibition area. Guests are welcome to come in early to set up decorations, food etc.

6. At The Party: For self-catered parties, a fridge, microwave oven and a kettle will be provided for the duration of the party. Alcohol and pets (guide/companion pets excluded) are prohibited on museum property. Guests are responsible for providing all food and drinks including coffee, tea and milk, and tableware. The party room should be vacated within 10 minutes of the end of the party, if not you will incur a flat rate $25 charge for every fifteen minutes over the booked party time.

7. Supervising Adults: The National Dinosaur Museum requests 2 supervising adults for parties up to 10 children, and 3 adults for parties up to 15, to remain with the party guests at all times. These adults are admitted free of charge and allow for adequate supervision of the children as well as assistance with bathroom visits etc. Any additional adults who wish to follow the guided tour will be charged general admission.

8. Responsibility for Behaviour: The National Dinosaur Museum is not responsible for the discipline of children attending the party. Our party host will facilitate party activities, but the person booking the party and other supervising adults must be responsible for all children at all times. If behaviour becomes unacceptable and children do not respond to directions, the party will be suspended. The National Dinosaur Museum is not responsible for the care of any children outside the scheduled party time, and is not responsible for collection of the children after the party. Party guests should remain on the ground floor of the museum, or in the garden area, under the supervision of adults until they have all been collected.

9. Safety: We consider the safety of our guests a primary importance whilst attending a party. The use of party poppers or sparklers and piñatas during parties is not permitted and the National Dinosaur Museum will not be liable for injuries as a result of the use of either item at a party. Candles are permitted. A first aid kit is available, and all staff are aware of its location. All accidents are recorded into a log and parents with duty of care will be notified. Fire exits are well marked and staff are trained in evacuation procedures.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you for your assistance in helping us create the best party for your child.